Precise spectrum LED Lights

Designed to Optimise Commercial Plant Growth


About us

Avida Global Systems exists to enable indoor farmers to become more profitable by increasing yields at the same time as reducing energy usage.

Our products embody decades of experience spanning horticulture, lighting design and remote monitoring & control.  


Lighting Systems

Our energy-efficient and innovative lighting system is at the core of Avida Global Systems’ product range.  Our enhanced full spectrum LED grow lights use a blend of blue and photo-red LEDs to provide a highly efficient solution for horticultural applications. The light intensity distribution has been calibrated to provide optimal light absorption through a stable, homogenized source, with effective penetration through dense canopies.

Controlling the light quality and knowing which part of the spectrum and which combinations of the spectrum areas are involved in different processes enable plant growth steering and results in the production of plants with the desired characteristics.  Avida’s grow lights are designed to produce carefully tuned lighting wavelengths to optimise each stage of the plant’s growing cycle. Studies have shown that this tuning increases yield by 40% compared with traditional lights.  Our lighting solutions can also be configured to significantly accelerate growth cycles.

The Avida grow light is slim, flexible, waterproof and lightweight, which allows for highly efficient use of space.  It also employs passive convection cooling. This fan-less design means no moving parts are required for cooling and so our system is extremely robust, offers an enhanced lifespan and operates with significantly reduced noise output.


Monitoring and control systems

Avida’s grow lights provide a flexible and highly configurable platform to deploy remote monitoring and management.  The lights can be augmented with a range of sensors – including temperature, heat, humidity, dust and even cameras with no requirement for additional wiring.  The outputs from these sensors can be fed into either Avida Global Systems’ own monitoring and control dashboard, or integrated with existing systems.  This allows for precise control of the growing environment, thereby further optimising both yields and energy consumption.


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